An unbelievable new edition to compliment Power and the Glory, this print has been signed by just about everyone involved in the film. 21 drivers, actors and team personnel have helped make this the most incredibly difficult edition to date. However without doubt it has been worth all the time and trouble in putting it together.

This is a Lithograph edition of 500 copies.

Tribute to the film - Le Mans

  • Each print hand signed by Chad McQueen, Brian Redman, Jacky Ickx, Derek Bell, Hans Herrmann, Tony Adamowicz, David Hobbs, Vic Elford, Herbert Linge, David Piper, Richard Attwood, Jonathan Williams, Sam Posey, Rudi Lins, Kurt Ahrens, Henri Pescarolo, Gerard Larrousse, Toni Hezemans, Hal Hamilton, Willi Kaushen and Gijs van Lennep.

    Limited edition of 500 prints. Overall size is 698mm x 616mm. Image size is 635mm x 483mm.